A Study in Blue


Steve Madden Beattle Clutch

I’ve always wanted to do more fashion posts but felt I had a lot of limitations.

I am my own photographer. Like seriously, is every blogger out there married to a professional photographer with limitless time restrictions or so ridiculously rich that they can afford a photographer to follow them around all day?

I was taking photos on my phone. This was stupid hard. Framing my shots to make sure I am in the picture then realizing I messed up and have 20 pictures with my head cut off. Dealing with going back and forth 5 thousand times to hit the button. And then after all that work, the phone is limited in the quality of photos it can take. In order to get my full body in the picture I would look tiny and get lost in the background.

Turns out that fashion is also expensive. Like I could (and do) wear all out of season clothes but I want readers to be able to see my clothes and if they like them be able to actually buy them. Maybe one day companies will gift me clothes to appear on the blog (wouldn’t that be nice!) but they won’t do that unless I actually do fashion posts! What a conundrum.

Then there’s the whole body insecurities deal. I’m not really skinny and I don’t know how to pose well so the camera adds a good 20lbs.

Well I am so happy to announce that I’ve got a new camera (Cannon Rebel T6i) that is actually capable of taking some decent shots! (thanks mom!) Still practicing my photography skills but it is so much easier now. That flip screen is so helpful in with the whole cutting off heads deal! And I parted with the 20 bucks for a remote. Best investment ever!

Still working on losing baby weight (and lazy overeating weight if I’m being honest.) Also still working on posing but practice makes perfect, right?

Also still figuring out the expense part. But it is time for me to update the winter wardrobe so I might get a few posts out of that ;)

This sweater is so comfy and such good quality and I only paid $20! Depending on the size and color the price goes up to $37 but I was lucky enough to get the bargain!

The necklace was also a steal off amazon.

The shoes I actually bought like a year ago but they are still in stock. Yay!

My splurge in this outfit is this gorgeous Steve Madden clutch. I love that velvet is making a comeback in a huge way this season. This is a good way to incorporate that trend in a subtle way. And bugs!!! I love the intricate beading on this bag. My other favorite thing about this clutch is that it is big enough to hold keys, wallet, my huge phone and then some. Sometimes clutches can’t even do that. Where is the practicality folks?




I hope you all enjoyed the outfit and I hope to be able to do a lot more posts like this!

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4 thoughts on “A Study in Blue”

  1. Hannah - November 8, 2017 1:03 PM

    Beautiful! And I’m loving the hair 😘

    1. Natalie - November 23, 2017 12:08 AM

      I have a good stylist ;)

  2. Becca - November 8, 2017 7:30 PM

    So pretty! That color is gorgeous on you!

    1. Natalie - November 23, 2017 12:08 AM

      Thanks Becca!


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