One of the coolest things I’ve been up to lately is going to O’ahu Hawaii! Here were some of my favorite things:

Snorkeling at Hanuama Bay

By far the best snorkeling we did on the island! Unfortunately we didn’t have an underwater camera but there were tons of fish here. Some others in our group also went here another day and got to swim with turtles! I think we must have got some salt water or sunblock on the camera lens that day because all the pictures have a film on them.

Diamond Head Lookout

Stunning views of the whole island. It was about an hour hike up and my husband was a trooper — he carried Ocki all the way to the top!

Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse Trail

Another beautiful hike leading to a lighthouse. I would recommend getting an early start on this one as it was hot as Hades! No shade along the way either. Despite that it was a lovely view. I hear that if you go around November you can sometimes spot whales.

Wiamea Falls

Wiamea Falls amazing fun. There were tons of places to walk around and then of course, the falls! A little waterfall that you can jump off the base of. This place was awesome!


Dole Plantation

The Dole Plantation is just the kind of thing that I like to do. They have a giant pineapple maze — you really can’t get much cooler. The dole whip is amazing. If you haven’t tried it, its a pineapple ice cream topped with fresh pineapple. And the pineapple there is incredible! You don’t want to miss it. They also have a botanical garden featuring different pineapple species. The size of the garden was small but it was still fun to walk around.

Pearl Harbor

If you’re on Oahu, I’d really encourage you to go see Pearl Harbor. Its maybe not quite as relaxing as a pina colada on the beach but it is an important piece of our country’s history. Even today there is still a large navy presence on the island.

Polynesian Cultural Center

A more expensive but fun look at the culture of the Polynesian Islands. Well worth it. Plus the luau was really delicious!


Laniakea Beach aka Turtle Beach

I was determined to see some sea turtles and had heard that Laniakea Beach was the place. Unfortunately when we went the waters were a little choppier than the turtles liked. I made Dave take me back everyday. I really was determined. And guess what? On our last day we finally saw one lone turtle. Victory! I have seen pictures where the shore is just full of turtles so if I were you I would definitely try your luck if ever there.

Swap Meet

I didn’t get any pictures. But if cheap souvenirs are your thing I would check out the swap meet. All sorts of local vendors come out a few days a week to pawn their wares. A really fun way to waste some time and spend some money!

7 Brothers Burgers

Okay, I can’t talk about the island without talking about the food. 7 Brothers Burgers had one of the most amazing burgers I have ever had in my life! I don’t even think they have cows on the island but they sure know how to make an amazing patty! I mean, just look at this thing!


Another one that I was too busy having fun to snap a picture but if you are ever in Hawaii you have to have some shaved ice and the only place worth getting it is at Matsumotos. I don’t even usually like shaved ice but this was so good! They cover it in sweetened condensed milk and then top it with ice cream. It is amazing!


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