10 Minute Solid Perfume

Beauty DIY

Coming at you today with a super duper easy diy beauty project today inspired by my own little Ocki. Earlier this week as I was getting ready in the bathroom Ocki busied herself emptying every drawer and cabinet as is her usual habit. Among her spoils was a ziplock bag full of those little sample perfumes. It was not long more »

DIY Stretch Mark Cream

Beauty DIY

When I was pregnant with Ocki I got stretch marks like CRAZY!! I had gained about 30lbs all in all. Really not too bad. I guess I just have a genetic predisposition for it. I did use a fancy stretch mark cream but wasn’t very consistent about it. So when Infinity Jars contacted me and offered to send some free more »

2 Ingredient Massage Oil

Beauty DIY

One thing DH and I love to do for each other is massages. Who wouldn’t love a massage after a long day? Not only is massage relaxing but there is something about touch that can communicate so much. Today I am here to encourage a little bit of touch with this simple two ingredient, five minute massage oil! Oh, and more »

Up-cycle Lonely Earrings into Bejeweled Bobby Pins

DIY Hair

It happens to the best of us — you get a beautiful new set of earrings and two weeks later your happy pair turns into a solo act. One earring lost forever to the land of missing socks and chapstick. You hang onto your lone earring in the hopes that you’ll serendipitously find its other half wedged between the couch more »

DIY Glitter Geode Jars

DIY Home Decor

Hi there all you bliss seekers! Today I have a fabulous & girly diy project to get your week started. As you know, Mason Jars are awesome not just for canning your fall harvest but also as super cheap vestals of organization that can be decorated for any decor. Now its my turn to show you my version of the more »

Simple DIY Hand Chain


As the weather begins to warm up I am getting so excited for summer. Sunshine, dips in the pool, hiking, trips to the zoo, and concerts are all things that come to mind. I knew that I had to do a diy project with summer concerts in mind. Along with a summer festival type theme I needed the project to more »

DIY Magnetic Marker Holder


Ever met someone who remembers everything and nothing? They can remember what they ate last month or the name of someone they briefly met a year ago. This same person can’t remember what they did last night or what they are supposed to be doing right now. Yep, that’s me and I’m sure its a lot of other people out there too. more »

DIY Floral & Glitter Letter Wreath

DIY Home Decor

One thing that has been bugging me as of late is my front door. You could walk past the door and would think the place was empty. I mean, the door itself is fine but there is absolutely nothing about a plain white door that is inviting. Now I am renting so as much fun as it sounds I can’t more »

DIY Poppy Flower Flutter Curtains

DIY Home Decor

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I recently moved to a new apartment. Like anytime you move, there are things that you will need to get. In my last place I had honeycomb style blinds that looked nice and provided a good amount of privacy. In this new place there are mini blinds. These mini more »

Kate Spade Inspired Glitter Clutch


**Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I am always on the lookout for cute clutches. For me, regular sized handbags seem tedious to carry around and all the extra room quickly turns the bag into a trash receptacle. Clutches eliminate this problem; they are compact, don’t have room for anything but the essentials, and are lady-like as can be. Enter more »