How I Met My Valentine


Today I have a very special guest blogger — my husband!  He dug up this little gem from when we were first married. We had started a family blog (there are only two posts). One of these posts he wrote up how we had met. I can’t think of a more perfect Valentine’s Day post. So in the words of more »

Cassi’s Boxer Puppies!


We’ve had Cassi for over 4 years now. We had always intended to breed her but she has horrible timing with her heat cycles. She always seems to go into heat during the middle of a move, when we’re on vacation, or when one of the babies was due. When she went into heat again this time we decided to more »

Time to Weigh in: Breastfeeding


One of the current hot topics now days seems to be how to feed baby. Breastfed vs Formula. Covered vs Uncovered. So I thought that I would share my personal experiences with Octavia and Jean-Luc plus a coupon code for my new favorite anti-colic bottle! Octavia When I was pregnant with Ocki we determined beforehand to exclusively breastfeed. It is more »

Winter in Phoenix!


Freestone Park Gilbert AZ

Once upon a time I used to love snow. There was something so magical about that white fluffy stuff, especially during the Christmas season. Then I learned to drive. What once seemed to make a sparkly white winter wonderland is now a slushy, muddy, and dangerous mess. So when we got the invite from my brother-in-law to come down to balmy more »

Gratitude Never Goes Out of Style!

Fashion Lifestyle

Alpha and Omega Nordstrom Lace Bell Sleeve Top

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am going to keep things short as I am wanting to spend as much time as possible with those for whom I am most grateful, my family. But I did want to take a minute to to say thank you to all those who read my blog and/or follow me on my social media accounts. Sometimes I am more »

Jean-Luc is here!

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Newborn boy 1 month

I am happy to officially announce that Jean-Luc has arrived. For all those interested in the gory details: Birth Story When I had Ocki my water broke first and I never went into labor on my own and I had to be induced with pitocin. This water breaking first business seems to be a genetic trait as that is how more »

29 Week Bumpdate


Its that time again! It has been a few weeks but I like to keep the world apprised on how my little parasite is doing now and again. They say that little one is 2.5lbs and about the size of an acorn squash. Feeling a bit more movement now, especially when I get woken up in the wee morning hours more »

Lets talk food: Cravings vs Hunger!

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healthy eating, pregancy diet, hunger vs cravings, craving vs hunger, emotional eating, overeating, binge eating

I naturally cycle through periods where I eat super healthy for a few months then I’ll fall off the wagon and treat my body like a garbage disposal for weeks! Being pregnant I find not just myself but others making excuses for me when I graze throughout the day. “Are you sure you’re eating enough?” or “That’s the baby telling more »

24 Week Bumpdate


Its been a month since my last update. I’m now at 24 weeks. Here’s the scoop: Still look more apple-y than pregnant. That being said, I am putting A LOT more effort into my outfits than I did when pregnant with Ocki and feel tons better about how I look this go around. I can sometimes feel the little one more »

5 Things I Love Best about Being a Stay at Home Mom!

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You hear a lot about the title “mom.” There’s that hot mess stereotype. You know, we’re all just frazzled Mrs. Weaselys. That “mom” is the most important job — the way underappreciated but sometimes coddling sentiment. You hear about moms losing sight of who they are. “Mom” becomes the whole identity, you are a shadow of your former self. Those more »