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I am so excited that today is Cinco de Mayo. My dad, an entomologist, used to go down every year to South America. When he came back he always had in tow with him the coolest souvenirs! I have so many beautiful things from those trips including an alpaca fur blanket, a creepy knife, an Incas vs Mayans chess set and more!

Then on my honeymoon my husband and I went to Mexico. We snagged some pretty cool swag including the Aztec Calendar in the photos. Also pictured you will see a Blue Morpho Butterfly that my husband got for my last birthday. I call him Henri. He thinks he’s french, don’t ask me why :)

So naturally I had to get all of these wonderful treasures out of the moving boxes. Cinco de Mayo is bringing up such great memories for me and I can’t wait to share my Cinco de Mayo look!



For this look I set my hair into soft, bombshell curls. I kept the makeup simple with just some cat eyeliner and mascara. The real focal point for the makeup is the bright, fun pink lipstain. The color I used was LipInk Energy Red.  This stuff is great! A really bright pink that stays put for hours!


I bought this awesome embroidered top.

The jeans I wore are Boom Boom Brand. I love these jeans. They are high waisted and with tons of stretch. Even though these have a high waist, they are not your mama’s jeans! Nope these puppies scream retro sex vixen and are wonderful in every way!



Sorry for the grainy quality. I am still getting the hang of having to take my own pics :)

I wanted to keep the shoes feeling organic and so I went with these old Prediction brand sandals. These are old enough that I can’t find them anymore…I did find another pair with a similar feel for those interested.



What do you think of my look?


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