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Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I recently moved to a new apartment. Like anytime you move, there are things that you will need to get. In my last place I had honeycomb style blinds that looked nice and provided a good amount of privacy. In this new place there are mini blinds. These mini blinds are trying so hard to do their job but I am afraid that any passerby is liable to get an eyeful despite the blinds being closed. Curtains are definitely called for! Instead of acting like a normal person and just going out and buying curtains, I have decided to make my own. This set that I am showing you today is what I made for the bedroom.

The bad thing about this project is sewing on all of those little flowers is time consuming. The good news is that you can have a chick flick marathon and zone out while you do this project!

I already had tons of fabric lying around so I opted to use that rather than go out and buy some. For the main fabric I went with a white pleather that would also make a stellar go-go girl costume. I chose a light blue chiffon for the flowers. My window measures about 35″ x 55″. I cut out two 30″ x 65″ panels to cover the window. I am sure that your windows will measure different but for fabric amount I would suggest that you give your self a foot or so extra on the width so that it will gather nicely and enough extra length to hem and for however high your rod is.


  • Fabric for two panels (measure your window and give self extra foot or so in both length and width)
  • 1/2 yd Fabric for flowers
  • Container of Beads
  • Sewing Machine or Fabric Glue
  • Thread and Needle
  • Fabric Scissors

Step 1

Measure and cut out your panels. Remember to give yourself extra room in the width for it to gather nicely and extra in the length for hemming.

Step 2

Your choice of sewing or gluing the hems. On the first panel I started with fabric glue. The glue took a few hours to dry and so I opted to use the sewing machine on the second panel. However, fabric glue is still an excellent choice for those who can’t sew, don’t have a sewing machine, or who just hate sewing.

The bottom and side hems will be pretty small. I folded over about 1/4 of an inch on mine. The top hem needs to have more room to accommodate the curtain rod.  **Tip, do the side hems before the top hem. You don’t want to sew over where your rod opening is supposed to be. I would never do that myself….cough, cough.




Step 3

Take your other fabric that you are using for the flowers. Fold it up a bunch of times. What you are going to do is cut half circles around the folded edges (like you would to make a snowflake). The idea is to be able to make a ton of circles at a time. Don’t worry about making them perfect or all the same sizes. I didn’t even iron my fabric before I cut mine. You will scrunch them up in the next step so all different sizes and wrinkly-ness welcome.



Step 4

Take one of the little circles you made and pinch it in the center.



Hold flower to the panel where you want it.  (I started at the top and took flowers down about 18″) Take threaded needle under the panel and push through the panel and the base of the flower then back down again.



Step 5

Grab your beads. Your thread should at this point be below the panel. Thread it up through the center of your flower. Grab a bead and stick it on the needle as it comes up. Then thread the needle back down again.



At this point you can either tie off each flower individually or you can just move your thread over to the next spot and continue on, stringing the flowers together. If you tie off each one individually the back side will look nicer but it will take a lot longer. If you go with the stringed method you’ll cut your time in half but the back won’t look as nice (you could sew a white backing onto it to cover the thread patterns). I went with the fast method because I’m lazy.


Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 a few hundred times while enjoying a Gilmore Girls marathon.  When you are satisfied  with your frilly creation, attach to your curtain rod and hang above window. Voila! A very pretty set of your own Poppy Flower Curtains!

Curtains Closed Lettered


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