From Day to Night

Sometimes as a busy mom I don’t really think about looking my best. Actually that’s not true! I just don’t think I have the time in the morning and then I feel gross the rest of the day because its noon and I still haven’t brushed my teeth. I really hope I’m not the only one!

Sometimes that’s ok because lets face, my audience doesn’t care! But when I need to run errands or just need a break from the house I don’t want to look like a total troll. For days like this a mom uniform is the perfect solution.  Here is a look I put together that goes from day to night and is suitable for running errands or a casual Friday work outfit. 

Some comfy jeans, a basic white blouse, a fancy velvet blazer and some comfy but cute flats. I also realize that sometimes being a mom is messy so feel free to switch out the shirt for a more stain friendly option!

Enjoying my 3 days unwashed hair! Bun it is!

I love that I can  feel put together for errands or meeting with other moms and then meet up with Dave at night for a date and still feel cute. I also love all the rich velvet details that take it up a notch from humdrum black.

I don’t know about you but heels are a no go for me most days. One of my favorite solutions is a ballet flat. Comfy and feminine, I don’t really think you can go wrong!

Blazer: Bold Elements

Blouse: Brooks Brothers

Jeans: Article’s of Society High Wait Jeans

Shoes: A.N.A. Uma Ballet Flats

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