How I Met My Valentine


Today I have a very special guest blogger — my husband! 

He dug up this little gem from when we were first married. We had started a family blog (there are only two posts). One of these posts he wrote up how we had met. I can’t think of a more perfect Valentine’s Day post. So in the words of my husband, here is how we met written way back in 2011:

Hello all, Natalie and I are starting a docu-blog where we tell the stories of our life to share with friends, family and random strangers on the internet. Here are our musings:

Our first story starts with our marriage of course. When you tell someone that you are getting married, the first thing they say is “congratulations” followed by “I didn’t know that you were getting married”. Then you say, “of course not, I haven’t told you yet”. Inevitably, they want to know the story of how you met. This is our story (according to me of course ;)

Soon after me graduating BYU I found myself with all the other 400 people who graduated in psychology– Jobless!

I applied online to over 10 businesses a day and over the course of 3 months. Thousands of rejections later, I got call from J.C. Pennies. Must have been the experience selling large appliances at Sears which urged them to call.

After working there a little while I met a young lady named Natalie.  She worked upstairs in the men’s department and I worked in the downstairs shoe department.  I went up there several times to talk with her, but specifically on one occasion I went to purchase a leather jacket. Of course I had her help me try it on and tell me what she thought of it.  She said that it looked fake to her (and it was of course) but I wanted to buy it anyways.  She thought was gay (NOT SO!) when I said that I wanted to ask my co-worker downstairs what he thought of it, but the truth was that he said that he’d give me an extra discount on the merchandise because we were having a sale in shoes that day and had a coupon available to use.

A while later, I told Natalie that I was interested in asking her out, and would get her contact information the next day when I had a pen.  Unfortunately (also luckily) I was fired the next day because my manager found out I got a new job. Because I was fired, I didn’t remember to go get Natalie’s information.

For me, a few weeks later I got a friend request on Facebook from Natalie.  I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten all about her. I remember thinking, “oh yeah, I remember that cute girl from pennys”.  And not missing a beat, Iasked her for her number via facebook. The first date followed.

Natalie had 3 other dates that week, and they were all crazy about her. I actually had 1 other date that week. But our date was the most interesting that I‘ve ever had.  She told me her name and the truth stopped there.  She made up all sorts of stuff like her major was kung fu, and that she secretly was a Tibetan monk spy.  I remember thinking “this girl has the most vivid imagination I‘ve ever seen”!  To compare this date to the date I had two days prior. The first date was maximum lameness. The later date was supremely interesting. Especially because by the end of the date, I still had no idea who this girl was.


I followed my normal routine by calling her 2 days later and asking for a second date.  The only real difference from her and other girls was that Natalie actually had said, “sure”.

It wasn’t long before we were dating, meeting family and then engaged. After about 3 or 4 months dating, and another 3 or 4 months engagement, we were married on July 2, 2011.  In my other blog, I talk about how I was a college graduate working for penny’s. (get it? working for pennies?) But it turns out there was a purpose for working at that place. Although I only worked at Pennys for a 3 months, I met the love of my life there.  It wasn’t even about the first job out of college. (that’s another story about Qualtrics)  this is about the Lord putting me in the right spot at the right time even if I didn’t think I should be there.

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