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Hi all!

Anybody who really knows me is aware that I am dangerously close to being the crazy cat lady. If my husband didn’t stop me from adopting every stray I really would be! Instead I have to hit my cat quota in other ways. From finding homes for kittens to neuter and releases I feel a compulsion to interact with every cat I see. This makes cat shows a no-brainer. I am always on the lookout for a show I can attend within reasonable driving distance.

Enter the the CFA cat show in Kansas City hosted by the Mokan Cat Club! This event had been marked on the calendar for months! I am happy to say it was worth every second spent there.



This Persian kitty was so fluffy and quite playful too! He kept teasing his brothers in the cages behind him while his owner/servant tried to groom him.



This Norwegian Forest Cat got his Grand Champion title at the show. It was a good day for him!



I thought this kitty was so photogenic! She is a Singapura, the smallest cat breed recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. What personality, so fierce for such a little cat!




I believe these kittens were Burmese but I could be mistaken. Possibly Tonkinese???




I love the silver coloring and classic tabby patterning on this American Shorthair.



I used to think the Sphynx cat looked alien until I went to a cat show! They are so cool in person! They feel really cool too. Kind of like suede. You have to see one in real life for yourself. This particular lady is a chimera, meaning she has two sets of DNA. You can see it in the color split down the center of her face.



This an Exotic, the shorthair version of the Persian.



This sleeping beauty is a Ragdoll. So gentle and her fur felt like my old rabbit Theodore.



There are so many more breeds that I wish I could have gotten a picture with. I am so enamored with Maine Coons but didn’t get a good shot of one. Also really cool are the Abyssinian, Egyptian Mau, and Ocicat, Chartreux, Russian Blues, Bombays, LaPerms, and British Shorthairs. Next time I shall have to make it my goal to get a picture of each of those breeds.

I love the diversity of breeds and how different they all look from your average house cat. The more I go to these events the more I want to get a cat to show myself. Who knows? It could be in my near future!

For those interested you can check to see if there are any upcoming shows in your area here:

or here:



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2 thoughts on “Mokan Cat Show!”

  1. Erin - March 25, 2016 5:47 PM

    Aw! Kitty heaven! :) I didn’t realise that cat shows were a thing, I’m wondering what I’ve been missing out on now, haha! I used to have this little book with basic facts about all kinds of different domestic cat breeds, it was really cute, and this post reminded me of th time I spent flipping through it. That sleeping Ragdoll is the cutest thing (apart from my own cat, of course!)!

    Thanks for sharing your adorable pictures :)


    1. - March 29, 2016 9:52 AM

      I also used to have one of those books! The ragdoll was so soft! Thanks for reading! Also I didn’t see a way to comment on your blog but those painted eggs are gorgeous! Even the “ugly” ones :)


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