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Every time I get onto pinterest I am barraged with a wide assortment of beautiful and elaborate nail designs. Then when I attempt myself I am left with a manicure that looks like it was done by a four year old.

But I am determined. I will bring my nail aptitude up to a fourth grade level — I mean no offense to fourth graders, many of whom I am sure are mini nail Picassos. You, dear readers, get to enjoy this lovely design that I created. If I could do it, I promise, you can too.

Step 1

I started out with two layers of Gelish “Bashful.”  (Gel polish requires the use of a light to cure and a special base/top coat.  Regular nail polish works just fine too :)




Step 2

Here comes the glitter! Go ahead and sprinkle a pinch of light pink glitter on each nail.



When done with the pink, add a pinch of light purple for good measure!




Step 3

Rhinestones! For all of the fingers I kept it really simple. Purple, pink, purple on the outside edge of each fingernail. I was a little crooked on my pointer finger…




Step 4

This is where it gets really tricky. Just kidding. The thumb is also really easy. In the bottom right corner I started with one pink rhinestone and surrounded it with six purple rhinestones to make a flower. I went up to the top of the nail and repeated. Then I finished off with one last flower in the other bottom corner.



All done!




I think that this would be so sweet for a little girl! These nails are fit for a princess. What do you think?


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