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One thing you may  not know about me is that I am an avid reader. It just so happens that with two under two most of my reading now days is of Dr. Seuss caliber! When I’m in the mood for heftier reading I love reaching for fairy tales and mythologies. Entertaining for all (at least I like to pretend that Ocki enjoys them too) and they feature the occasional picture to look at. I think there is also something to be said about just listening to someone read. Even if the kids are playing while I’m reading in the background they can still pick up a lot about the cadence of the English language.

Some of my favorite fairy tale books include the Taschen editions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Han’s Christan Andersen Fairy Tales.

The book I have pictured is Perrault’s Fairy Tales by Folio Society.

I also am in love with National Geographic’s Greek, Norse, and Egyptian Mythologies.

Not only is the content great but the pictures are just absolutely stunning in each. When I read I love to be transported to a whole new world.

Other favorites of mine include the works of Alexandre Dumas and Jane Austin, the Scarlet Pimpernel, and the Nancy Drew Series!

Most of our lower shelves remain empty to protect from little hands! (Ocki does have a shelf of board books within her reach not visible here). And yes, that is elf on the shelf ;)


Blouse: Brooks Brothers Houndstooth Crepe Blouse

What are your favorite books? Do you read as much now that you have kids? Let me know in the comments!

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