How I Met My Valentine


Today I have a very special guest blogger — my husband!  He dug up this little gem from when we were first married. We had started a family blog (there are only two posts). One of these posts he wrote up how we had met. I can’t think of a more perfect Valentine’s Day post. So in the words of more »

Valentine’s Traditions


If you can believe it, I once wasn’t very big on Valentine’s Day. Probably because until I met my husband it seemed like I was perpetually single. I didn’t hate Valentine’s Day I just didn’t want to get hyped up for something that I wasn’t really going to be able to celebrate. Then I met David and I began to more »

From Day to Night


There are occasions that call for an outfit that translates well from day to night. From work to a night out on the town with friends. From running errands to date night  with the hubby. This super easy combo is so versatile for the busy woman without the luxury of time for wardrobe changes. This is true for me every. more »

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My Style

One thing you may  not know about me is that I am an avid reader. It just so happens that with two under two most of my reading now days is of Dr. Seuss caliber! When I’m in the mood for heftier reading I love reaching for fairy tales and mythologies. Entertaining for all (at least I like to pretend more »

Cassi’s Boxer Puppies!


We’ve had Cassi for over 4 years now. We had always intended to breed her but she has horrible timing with her heat cycles. She always seems to go into heat during the middle of a move, when we’re on vacation, or when one of the babies was due. When she went into heat again this time we decided to more »

Give the Gift of Time with an Engraved Wood Watch


Wood Watch for Men

When I met Dave we wanted to be around each other all the time! After 6 years of marriage this still holds true. Nothing makes me feel more loved than spending time together. This Valentine’s Day I wanted to get Dave something special. When Jord offered to send me one of their gorgeous wood watches I jumped on the chance! more »

Welcome 2018!


The holiday season is over and with it a new year has begun. Its time to put to rest old grievances and to look forward with optimism.  Personally, I am planning on losing weight for the umpteenth time ever…. In all seriousness, my main goal for this blog is to get into fashion in a big way! I’ve talked a more »

Time to Weigh in: Breastfeeding


One of the current hot topics now days seems to be how to feed baby. Breastfed vs Formula. Covered vs Uncovered. So I thought that I would share my personal experiences with Octavia and Jean-Luc plus a coupon code for my new favorite anti-colic bottle! Octavia When I was pregnant with Ocki we determined beforehand to exclusively breastfeed. It is more »

Merry Christmas 2017!


Once upon a time when dinosaurs wandered the earth, also known as when I was in Jr. High, paisley print and bell sleeves made a bit of a comeback and along with them, corduroy pants. I had about five pairs and I wore the crap out of those puppies all through high school. Come to think of it, I may more »

Ginger Cookies


Yesterday I brought you some delicious cranberry and white chocolate cookies. Today I am giving you the recipe for the best ever ginger cookies. These are a Thanksgiving tradition in my family and they are perfectly suited for the Christmas holidays as well. I think what really sets these cookies apart is the use of fresh ginger. It really makes more »