24 Week Bumpdate


Its been a month since my last update. I’m now at 24 weeks. Here’s the scoop:

  • Still look more apple-y than pregnant. That being said, I am putting A LOT more effort into my outfits than I did when pregnant with Ocki and feel tons better about how I look this go around.
  • I can sometimes feel the little one kick, usually in the evenings.
  • One thing that I had forgotten about was the bloating! I don’t have swollen ankles or anything but I am holding onto water like crazy!!! My belly is probably more water retention on some days than actual fetus. I can gain like 3lbs in a day of water weight. 
  • The cravings! I haven’t had much by craving until the past week and a half. Now I just want to eat everything in sight. For like 3 days I wanted a specific sweet potato fry recipe that I hadn’t made in years. It tasted so good. Then I have other cravings like frosted flakes and stuff. Sorry baby, mama knows best on those types of cravings! So yeah, trying my best to distinguish between cravings that could indicate an actual nutritional need and those that I just want because they taste good.
  • Baby’s heartbeat is at 140.

I think that’s about all that has changed. Let me know in the comments if I’ve left anything out!

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