Time is the most precious commodity. Both unlimited and limited. People will still be counting down the days until Christmas or their next vacation for generations after you and I have passed. But to the individual it is a most precious resource and you never know when you’ll run out. Sure, you can try to live a low risk, healthy lifestyle. That
togethercloseupwill help. But not forever.

Sorry, was I waxing existential?  Things are getting a little too serious up in here!

Intrepid Bliss is where I come to remind myself of all the awesome times I have. It is my excuse to look for fun to be able to document it and share it with the world.

So who am I?

My name is Natalie. I always hate the “what do you do questions.” Probably because I still don’t know. What I do know is that you can sporadically find me running, cooking, soap making, Swedish weaving, and a whole litany of other activities….sometimes even blogging.

I reside with the best husband in the world, the cutest daughter in the world, the craziest dog in the world, and the snuggliest cat in the world. Yes, I mean it. All the things in my life are the mostest in all the world.

Come join me and find your own intrepid bliss.