Baby #2 on the Way!

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Whelp, we’ve done it again! We are so happy to announce that Ocki is going to be a big sister. Due date is August 27.

This little one is also looking like its going to be a surprise. We didn’t find out Ocki’s gender on purpose. For this little one we were going to find out but it kept its little legs closed tight. Oh well. All our newborn/3mth size baby clothes are already gender neutral. It’ll be a really fun time at birthing!


Here is a 20 week shot! Again, I look more apple shaped than pregnant. But alas. One thing I am doing differently is wearing maternity clothes already! Last time I was wearing my regular clothes up until like 32 weeks or something ridiculous like that. This time, I can still fit in my regular clothes but feel that it accentuates the apple shaped thing. The look I am going for is a little more “cute pregnant lady” and a little less “spare-tire”

In other news, there was no morning sickness or anything like that. I think that if I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test and had an ultrasound I would never know I was pregnant!

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