Baby Bliss Coming January 2015!


Man, I am getting really bad about posting. Especially after promising to be better about posting. I think I’m jinxing myself. So with that I promise nothing as to post frequency. Muahahahaha…..evil laughter. Life only ever seems to get busier but I still love my little blog and hope to come back to it often!

Big news, I’m preggo! Six months along actually. I’m super excited about becoming a mommy.


We are keeping the gender a surprise, even from ourselves. Because guess what? I like surprises. And because if I know I won’t be able to keep it a secret from DH who does want to be surprised.

Jean-Luc 16wks thumb suck



As for the juicy details:

  • I didn’t really get morning sickness very bad and only threw up once. TMI?
  • Gummy vitamins rock. Yeah, I know those are for kids but they make them in prenatals and they are so much better than trying to swallow pills. I only had the very mildest of morning sickness and can’t even imagine trying to take vitamins with bad morning sickness.
  • I did get super tired for the first few months. Like literally could’ve slept all day.
  • As for cravings….not really. I maybe like steak a little bit more than I did before.
  • Food aversions—during the first trimester I couldn’t eat avocado and eggs were just blah. Which is sad because I love both avocado and egg. Luckily the aversions have subsided and I can now have guacamole with my chips and can resume my favorite breakfast of two fried eggs with fruit on the side.
  • Weight gain: 6 lbs. So far I’ve done pretty good keeping on track. There was that one time when the hubs and I took a road trip to Canada (post coming eventually) where I gained like 10lbs in a month! But I think that’s like anytime you go on vacation and gain weight but then lose it right away. Because I immediately lost most of that. Must have been water weight. Anyway, I started out a little tubbier  (just being honest — I was about 5lbs overweight by bmi) and the recommended weight gain for being in the overweight category is 15-25lbs. If I’m super careful I might be able to keep it at 15 but if I do another vacation or feel ravenous during the third trimester it might be more like 25.
  • Diet: I think one reason I’ve been able to keep my gain this low so far is because I am feeling super motivated to be healthy for baby. Really, baby only needs an extra 300 calories on top of what I normally should be eating. I like to keep in mind that I am eating for two but that one of us is really really small! I’ve been eating 5-6 smaller meals a day. Usually something like this:
    • Breakfast: 2 fried eggs + fruit (0r cottage cheese instead of egg)
    • Snack: granola bar OR yogurt OR cup of milk + scoop of protein powder (after a workout)
    • Lunch: Leftovers or Sandwich
    • Snack: See above
    • Dinner: Something with tons of veggies and protein…..I like to mix it up but that’s what I look for in a recipe
    • Snack: chips…OR chocolate….OR ice cream…..a small portion of whatever I want! :)
  • Exercise: Again, I am going with the philosophy that I’m pregnant, not sick. They say that if you were working out before you can continue with your routine for the most part. I was but now I’m just trying to focus on being more consistent. Really get the habit set down. Obviously I’m not running marathons or lifting my heaviest but I am trying really hard to keep up the habit. Here’s generally what I’ve been doing;
    • Daily walk with Cassi for 3 miles (about 1 hour)
    • 1.5 mile jog, 4x’s/wk
    • Weight lifting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Clothes: I have a few shirts that still work and can still fit in my low rise jeans and some of my shorts. I did buy a pair of maternity pants as things are feeling tight. One thing that I had no clue about is maternity sizing. For all you future mommy’s — you are supposed to buy maternity clothes in the size that you were pre-pregnancy. Really I had no idea. Plus, everyone sizes their clothes different so I keep ordering stuff online and having to return it.
  • Movement: I finally felt the first kicks at 23 wks! So happy about that. Most people are a little earlier I think, even for a first pregnancy. But I have an anterior placenta (where the placenta is in front on my stomach as opposed to off to the side or in the back). When this happens it kind of cushions all the little kicks and punches so it can take longer to feel.

That’s it for now but if there’s anything you’re just dying to know, leave a comment!

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6 thoughts on “Baby Bliss Coming January 2015!”

  1. Krystal Nicole - September 30, 2015 10:11 AM

    Congrats!!!!!!! Happy for you! I Love the picture!!!!!!! :) xoxoxo

    1. - September 30, 2015 2:37 PM

      thank you!

  2. Kim - October 1, 2015 12:01 PM

    Natalie, ALL the congrats your way! I am so excited for you and so happy to hear you didn’t (haven’t, and knock on wood won’t!) suffer from a ton of morning sickness. You look absolutely beautiful! Your family photo is so cute, I am just so excited for you! YAY! XO -Kim

    1. - October 1, 2015 5:52 PM

      Thank you so much Kim!

  3. Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio - October 5, 2015 2:23 PM

    YAY!!! Congratulations!

    1. - October 5, 2015 2:28 PM

      Thank you! So excited :)


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