Cassi’s Boxer Puppies!


We’ve had Cassi for over 4 years now. We had always intended to breed her but she has horrible timing with her heat cycles. She always seems to go into heat during the middle of a move, when we’re on vacation, or when one of the babies was due. When she went into heat again this time we decided to go for it (we did have to cancel a few plans). 

We packed up and left for Utah where her boyfriend lives. They did their thing and we came back. 

Fast forward 2 months. On day 59 (average dog gestation is 63 days) Cassi was digging about in the yard and refusing to eat. We had a feeling based on her behavior that this was the big day.

Sure enough, around 8pm she gave birth to her first puppy. I was putting the kiddos to bed when it happened so I missed it. She didn’t make one peep! When I came in to check on her after putting Jean-Luc down the little pup was already born and about 20 minutes after that she had a second pup. She had a long break and at about midnight she gave birth to two more pups. 

Things seemed to be fine until she had two more pups, both stillborn and one of the pups she delivered earlier died as well.

At this point we became very concerned and called the vet to get an appointment ASAP. 

Cassi had to have an emergency C-section to get the remaining 3 pups out. They had already died in utero. The vet said they were quite decomposed and so had probably died a few days ago. What we believe happened was that one died in the womb and as it began decaying it went septic and killed most of the litter. This probably also caused Cassi to go into labor a few days early. And its a good thing she did! It saved the remaining pups and probably her life as well. 

We are incredibly saddened by the puppies she lost but there is also a strange comfort in knowing what happened and that it probably wasn’t something that we could have prevented. Most of all we are happy for the three remaining pups and that Cassi is healthy. 

There are two girls and a boy; Calypso, Persephone, and Hercules. 

AKC Boxer and litter

Cassi and her pups.


Reverse Brindle Boxer Puppy


White Boxer Puppy


Brindle Boxer Puppy


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2 thoughts on “Cassi’s Boxer Puppies!”

  1. Kim - January 22, 2018 6:29 AM

    I’m so happy you were able to save some pups and that Cassi is healthy! They are so adorable! Hope you have a great week ahead! XO -Kim

    1. Natalie - January 24, 2018 4:13 PM

      Thanks Kim! They are so much fun and growing so fast!


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