Give the Gift of Time with an Engraved Wood Watch


Wood Watch for Men

When I met Dave we wanted to be around each other all the time! After 6 years of marriage this still holds true. Nothing makes me feel more loved than spending time together.

This Valentine’s Day I wanted to get Dave something special. When Jord offered to send me one of their gorgeous wood watches I jumped on the chance!

To make the gift even more special Jord offers engraved watches. I had Dave’s watch engraved with “To Pluto and Back 7.2.11”  I always tell him I love him to Pluto and its twin moon Charon and back, which is admittedly a tad long so I shortened it to fit. July 2 is our anniversary and now he can never forget! (insert evil laughter)

Plus it looks amazing and is high quality. And how unique is a wood watch? Dave has been wanting to upgrade his wardrobe and look a little more put together and adult-like. Let me tell you, an engraved wood watch does the trick!

To me this watch also symbolizes all the time we’ve had together and all our years to come. Or you know, just a reminder to get to dinner on time (Dave is actually really good at this).


$100 Wood Watch Giveaway

The best part of all this is that I’ve partnered with Jord to give one of you a $100 coupon off a wood watch of your own! Everyone else who enters will get 10% off their purchase. No losers here!

To enter CLICK HERE.

The giveaway closes on January 28th so be sure to get your entry in by then.

All coupons will expire on February 11th.

Where to Get Your Engraved Watch

I got Dave the Conway Kosso and Midnight Blue Watch.

If that’s not your style take a look at their other Men’s Watches.

And for all you ladies wanting a watch to match here are the Women’s Watches.

Remember to get your entries in by the 28th. Good luck and Happy Valentines!






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One thought on “Give the Gift of Time with an Engraved Wood Watch”

  1. Kim - January 14, 2018 12:37 PM

    This is sooooo sweet Natalie. I love the wood watches, so stylish! XO – Kim


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