I love you Ohio!


I had mentioned in my last post a recent trip to Ohio and thought that today I would share some of my pictures from the trip. I went to visit my grandma and also to see my mom and sisters who were also visiting. It was a really fun girls week!


Here I am with my grandma the day I arrived. The matching pink was a coincidence. Love it!


My grandma’s finches; Bonnie & Clyde

skeletonsintheclosetMy sister discovered this closet at grandma’s house! #skeletonsinthecloset


One of my favorites things about visiting grandma (besides the company of course!) is the beautiful running trails in her neighborhood.

running trails

Some gorgeous flowers along the trails…

roses queenanneslace violets


Its always tradition to visit the Columbus Zoo!

Cheetah lion

I love big cats!

camel Alligator

Doesn’t this alligator just look so happy!?!


Another highlight was visiting the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock.



One of my favorite nights was spent at my very talented cousin’s art show. For readers who love anime, you should check out her Etsy store! I purchased this dreamy piece from her.



After visiting grandma, I drove back to Kansas with my mom and sisters. We stopped by Mark Twain’s childhood home and got to see some of the places that inspired his greatest works.




I really had an awesome time on the trip and it was wonderful to see family. I can’t wait until the next adventure!



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One thought on “I love you Ohio!”

  1. Mikéla - September 1, 2015 1:20 PM

    A lot of my family lives in Ohio as well. Love that state!


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