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In the quest to live a full and prosperous life it helps to have an idea of what would make life meaningful to you personally. A fun and popular way to do this is with a bucket list. Put all of your dreams on your list. Big or small. Simple or elaborate. Its all fair game. The beauty of the bucket list is that it is a constantly evolving endeavor. As you cross one thing off your list, you might find yourself inspired to do 10 new things. Without further adieu, I present my own bucket list:

1. A hot air balloon ride above Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

2. Publish a Salad Cookbook

3. Catch a Blue Morpho butterfly

4. Reach and maintain my level of fitness

5. Visit Bakersville Pioneer Village, Mansfield, MO

6. Learn to whistle

7. Enjoy the company of a Maine Coon Cat

8. Visit all of the National Parks in this great state of Utah where I currently live

9. Learn to belly dance

10. Go star gazing

11. Snorkel Library Reef, Grand Turk Island

12. Dye my hair

13. Go skinny dipping

14. Run a 10k

15. Visit The Cloisters, Nassau Bahamas

16. Go vegetarian for a month

17. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

18. Design and sew a dress for myself

19. Attend a cherry blossom festival in Japan

20. Watch a musical on Broadway

21. Own blue convertible like Nancy Drew’s

22. Make homemade lotion

23. Make homemade sunscreen

24. Take blankets to orphanage in Bolivia

25. Have a conversation in French without having to think about it

26. Plant beautiful, perennial, low maintenance flowers in my front yard

27. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

28. Develop my own signature perfume

29. To look beautiful in photographs

30. To people watch and eat pastries at a Parisian bakery

31. A walking tour of the Swiss Alps

32. To be able to do the splits

33. Run my own successful business

34. Be an extra in a Bollywood film

35. Take belly dance lessons from masters of the art in Egypt and Turkey.

36. Donate Blood

37. Take a self-defense course

38. Get a perm

39. Earn enough passive income to support myself

40. Open a cat cafe

41. Learn to cook Thai food in Thailand

42. Ride a camel

43. Learn to make candles

44. Climb to the top of a mountain

45. Watch the sun rise

46. Become a specialist in something…ANYTHING!

47. Have a star named after me

48. Walk along the Great Wall

49. Attend a masquerade ball

50. Be kind in thoughts, words, and actions.





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