Unleash Your Inner Ballerina This Easter


Easter is upon us and I am so ready for spring. Here in Cheyenne we are finally getting days in the 60s, however sporadic they may be. Each warm day is a breath of fresh air bringing a bit of levity to the heaviness of winter. Then the sun sets and we have another week of winter. But those little glimpses of warmth and sunshine bring hope to my little soul and I know that soon the grass will turn green, the flowers will bloom, and I will wake each morning to the sounds of birds chirping (or babies crying, take your pick!)

I’ve put together this Easter Sunday outfit that I think matches the airiness and youthfulness of spring. A grown up ballerina! Layers of blush tulle paired with ivory and a bit of bling. Soft, feminine, and romantic. Bring on picnic lunches, Easter egg hunts, and long walks in the park!

Blush Skirt — $23
Ivory Top — $16
Holylove Jewelry Set — $20
Pumps, Similar — $70

The cutest photobomber ever!

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