Welcome 2018!


The holiday season is over and with it a new year has begun. Its time to put to rest old grievances and to look forward with optimism. 

Personally, I am planning on losing weight for the umpteenth time ever….

In all seriousness, my main goal for this blog is to get into fashion in a big way! I’ve talked a little about how I’ve felt limited in what I could do in this arena but I am determined to push forward and bring you a lot more of the looks I love.

I’ve always thought of myself that I’m not very fashionable but that I love fashion. Maybe some of you out there can relate! Most days I’m not dressed until noon and I’m lucky to get more than three showers a week. If you were to see me out and about, I am not usually as gussied as I am on Instagram. After waking up and getting everyone fed (Jean-Luc takes forever) and dressed the day is half gone! So instead of spending the time to make myself presentable I get just get on with my to-do list.

In a way, this blog is really my answer to that. An excuse to get dressed up and there’s not much more in the world than I love more than that.

So I hope you’ll indulge me as I play dress up and maybe I’ll inspire someone out there!

Except for the gloves all of these clothes are old for me ($$$ being one of my limitations!) but I’ll link below to similar items.

Beret: Halogen Black Beret
Scarf: Black and White Plaid Fringe Scarf
OR if your pocketbooks are full
Houndstooth Alpaca Blend Shawl
Coat: Boden Wool Duffle Coat
Gloves: Baraca Touchscreen Leather gloves
Jeans: Levi’s Pull on Jeggings
Booties: Sole Society Suede Wedge Booties

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