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Freestone Park Gilbert AZ

Once upon a time I used to love snow. There was something so magical about that white fluffy stuff, especially during the Christmas season. Then I learned to drive. What once seemed to make a sparkly white winter wonderland is now a slushy, muddy, and dangerous mess. So when we got the invite from my brother-in-law to come down to balmy AZ for Thanksgiving we jumped at the chance. Except that plane tickets are crazy expensive during the holidays so we waited a week. It was super nice because we went in the winter when it was in the 80s. No worrying about burning to a crisp in temperatures rivaling the surface of the sun!

Again, a special thanks to Joe and Jessica for hosting us for the week and joining us on our shenanigans. Also, Jessica has just started a blog that you should all check out. She is super cool!

So here’s some of the stuff that we got up to:

Freestone Park

Our first day there we decided to keep things super lax as we were tired from our plane ride. We headed over to Freestone Park to walk and play about.


Phoenix Zoo

Next stop we headed over to the Phoenix Zoo. This was great because Ocki is getting old enough to enjoy it. Whenever we would go before it was more just for me :)

I think her favorite part was the petting zoo. I think she made it to every goat to brush their hair.

The zoo also has a dinosaur exhibit you can go to for a few extra $$$. I am a sucker for dinosaurs so of course we went. This one was animatronic and I loved it! My favorite was the Utah Raptor. Some of the dinosaurs were a little scary for Ocki.


Hole in the Rock

After the zoo we headed to the Hole in the Rock. Although the hike is said to be short it’s not stroller friendly and we didn’t fancy carrying two kids up the incline. So we just drove by and snapped a few pictures. We’ll just play make-believe that the people up there are us ;)

McDowell Sonoran Conservancy

We also visited the Sonoran Desert. I think this was our favorite activity. Those saguaro cacti are just so iconic! We did the Bajada Nature Trail because it was stroller friendly. I was kind of worried we wouldn’t see much with the trail being so close to the welcome center but boy was I wrong! Cacti galore!

Many warnings were given about the “sharp pokies!”

Jean-Luc’s thoughts on the desert.

Goldfield Ghost Town

On Saturday we headed to the Goldfield Ghost Town. An old mining town with a very touristy feel. But guess what? We’re tourists so we loved it! It really felt like you were stepping into the old west. On weekends they put on gun shows which was really fun but also kind of loud for little ears. Ocki was also very concerned when someone would drop dead. It’s incredible how empathetic she is even at such a young age!

The town also features a tour of the old mine and horse back riding for those willing to loosen their purse strings.

Way fun but I think we would enjoy it even more when the kids are a bit older.

We didn’t get very many pictures because I was tired of lugging around the big camera and just wanted to enjoy the moment. Sorry folks.

I.D.E.A. Museum

On Sunday they had free admission to the Idea Museum which is a hands on museum for kids. Ocki loved the giant blocks and didn’t want to leave. I did snap some grainy cell phone pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

After the museum we had a shopping day then headed back to cold and windy Wyoming, the place we call home. I have a lot to do now that vacation is over. Can you believe that I have a blog but that my house is not yet decorated for Christmas in perfect pinterest fashion? Oh my! Dave is on the ball and put up lights on the roof but I have not done anything yet. Now off to decorate my house!

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4 thoughts on “Winter in Phoenix!”

  1. Kelechi - December 8, 2017 1:46 PM

    I wish we had winter in Florida :( . Lovely puppy 😍

    1. Natalie - December 8, 2017 4:24 PM

      I love Florida but can see the desire for four seasons! Thankyou!

  2. Sarah - December 8, 2017 2:57 PM

    So fun to see the pics!

    1. Natalie - December 8, 2017 4:24 PM

      Thanks Sarah! Can’t wait to see you at Christmas time!


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